Saturday, July 30, 2011

Erotic Truths, Day 30~Swirl

30. write an erotic poem of your choice.. raunchy or classy.. bring it!!!


Milk chocolate
Against Dark-
An undeniable sweetness
That’s hard to miss;
Two brilliant minds,
Stimulating conversation
Causing mental arousals
That are hard to miss
Working Voodoo with your
Lack of ghetto, totally refined
Knowledge of things
That blow the mind;
Afro centric:
Makes a sista wanna view
What makes you so eccentric,
Go beyond the superficial
Right down to the intrinsic
…Peel away the clothes;
They’re so restrictive;
Your darkness in its’ glory;
I feel myself licking
…my lips
As my fingers can’t keep
From touching my tips
Which become bold
While my body becomes hot
With the closeness
I feel near you
…although inside,
I’ve been singed for years
Cause our spirits have always danced,
Secretly pinned,
Been Slow Grinding
Before Kelly made it a hit:
Gyrations of a Poet
Rubbing against your Writer’s Tip
…damn, I’m so swole!
Take the cleft of your finger
And feel my flower bloom,
Know that it is you
Who makes it glow and grow
With such pride,
Wondering how long it will take
For me to succumb
To my desire for your magic stick
To be inside
To make me go
Until we both reached the plateaus
That we’ve already achieved
In the resonance of our minds.
© 2011 Synful Desire

Thanks for those who were brave enough to follow me on the journey.  Many props to those who have already participated in this challenge and those who are daring to take it on now.  

For those who want more erotica, I have set aside a separate blog, just for my raunchier stuff.  The link is below.  I just ask that you be patient while I’m decorating.


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