Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Erotic Truth, Day 5~I Just Gotta Have It!

5. She doesn’t suck dick/He doesn’t lick clits…is that a deal breaker?

When I first was introduced to sex, I thought the whole aspect of fellatio (sucking dick) or cunnilingus (eating pussy) was a bit nasty. I couldn’t envision even really wanting to do it or even have it done to me.

There were a couple of dares I took in high school. I couldn’t even put the tip in without making a face, but the guys said nothing about I had to take in the whole thing. So I won those bets. I tried to do it just to please a couple of my boyfriends, but it was hard for me. They saw how uncomfortable I was and then they just stopped me.

Even when I lost my virginity at 18, I still wasn’t feeling it. This guy, who I deemed Person T, wasn’t comfortable with going down on me, but he always wanted it done to him. Since I had never been eaten out before and he was my first, I couldn’t really miss what I never had.

Then, my freshman year, I met up with this guy, Person R, who peeled away the shame in sex. He showed me how it was supposed to feel. In the beginning, he was tender, patient…he realized he was a baby to the game. He gave me my first exposure to being eaten out and it was like pure heaven. I also discovered if I really loved the person, I could give head not only willingly but with vigor.

I don’t do that with just anybody.

But if a person wants to build with me, it has to be in his repertoire or he has to be somewhat willing to partake of some pie. Otherwise, I have to give him a farewell; I know how good it can feel. Just keeping it real.


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