Monday, July 4, 2011

Erotic Truth, Day 4~Mocha DeluXXX?

4. If you were approached and offered to do one porno scene for $20,000, would you do it? and why?

If it were just about me, I would say absolutely NOT. They would have to add a few zeros for me to even consider it.  And even then, my answer might still be NO.


if I were in a situation where I had children and had lost my job. I had tried everywhere to get work…without success. My food stamps had gotten cut off. I wasn’t getting any more unemployment. Section 8 had me on wait. I didn’t have family I could turn to….I would do anything to make sure my kids didn’t go without.

In that case, I would do it.

Only if I could be in disguise. One-on-one, unless a female is involved..then one male and one female. No multiple men. No anal whatsoever. No cum shots to the face; only on my tits or my ass.

But this would probably be the only case where I'd say yes.

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