Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 16~The Sight of Love

16~ Do you believe in love at first sight?

I am a believer that sight in this case is much more than physical viewing. The sight can also manifest in spiritual, mental, metaphysical ways.

So I don’t believe in love at first sight in the physical sense. I believe the exception would be children, if and when I have any of my own.

But I have loved people at first sight based on the way I connected with them mentally and spiritually.

I mentally fell in love with Neka the first moment I interacted with her online at College Club. She was well put together, passionate, driven; she was not like these chicken heads running around with no clue. She was about something. Her mental swagga was on point and made me melt instantly. It was about eight months before I finally met her face to face but she had my heart at first keystroke.

I mentally and spiritually was in love with this guy (I will deem him Max). He was the guy I dated just before Ant. He was the guy closest in alignment with what I was (and still am) looking for in an overall mate. He was the Taurus; the guy in FL.

One of my regrets--hands down.

If there was a question in this challenge that stated to write a love letter to a person who’s heart you regret breaking, he would be number one. I couldn’t fully be the woman he needed to be; it was and still is too much a part of me; I could not just let it go.

By the time I bonded with him via phone, E-mails, etc., it did not matter to me what he looked like; I would have taken him if he was the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. (as it turned out, he wasn’t)

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