Monday, May 16, 2011

Travel Journal: Day Three

Day Three (May 11th): A Long Outing

On this day, Grandma and I both needed a break…a break from funeral arrangements. Besides, I looked over my outfits and decided neither one of my dresses were suitable enough for the funeral. I asked Grandma if it would be okay if I picked out something; she said it was okay because she had to get a wig. She wanted to get her hair done but she tried to get in touch with her old hairdresser, she never called her back. So she figured getting a new wig would be the best option.

We went to the hair care place. So much has changed in McComb. I am sad there is no more movie theater on Delaware Avenue. There were big plans to make a bigger, better movie theater, and my old high school bought the building the theater used to be in. However, the company building the theater went bankrupt, and McComb now has no theater. You have to go to Brookhaven, 20 miles out or some of the other spots which are 40 miles or more away to see a movie. It’s a shame. But they have put up other shops I never thought I would see, and that is a good thing. Found Grandma a nice wig and then she insisted I get some olive oil for my hair, even though I had brought my olive oil from the house. After that, we went to the mall to see if I could find an outfit to wear. I didn’t realize how limited my grandma’s mobility had become…that what Grandpa would have to do is drop her off in front of the building, park the car, and find her somewhere to sit while he did the shopping. I told her I was sorry and didn’t know. But she was able to get around better in Wal-Mart because they had shopping carts so she can lean on it as she walked around.

I did reveal to her my desire to come back. She seemed happy about it, but I did tell her I may have a hard time coming up with the relocation money. It was different before I got the king sized bed and some of my furniture. But some of the places want in excess of two grand for moving, so I have to do my shopping to get the best deal. She said she would talk more to me about it once the funeral and everything is over with, and I said okay.

It took me a while but I found an outfit to wear for the funeral--something very comfortable and flowing; lately that has been my style. Perhaps it is because I am getting older and not wanting to show as much skin. One thing that I can’t seem to get away from are the twin titans. No matter what I wear, they are noticeable. So I have to do my best with them because the rest of my body is trying to adjust to support them.

By the time we had gotten home it was about 10:30. Grandma wanted me to stop by and get some gas, but almost all of the gas stations around this area close at 10 pm. So I told Grandma rather than to hunt around for gas, I would just do it the next day. I was exhausted and just went straight to sleep.

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