Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gray Comfort (a love poem)

Another poem I discovered.

Gray Comfort

Sometimes I feel as if the World is against me,
that everything I do is the wrong thing
and that my greatest of intentions
lead to disaster,
and it's times like these
when I hide in the house,
bury my head in the pillows
and dive under the covers.

Then, suddenly,
I feel this fuzziness
against my frame
and a wetness residing
against the nape of my neck.

You wrap your paws around me
and nuzzle your head
under my chin.
Your purrs croon to me
in tones of Joy and Bliss.

It's at this moment
my heart becomes lighter
and the sun shines
on my soul,
for I remember
that despite the madness,
despite the cruelty
of the outside world,
I always have a place
that I can call home
and you are a reminder,
that I am loved.

original April 2004
revision April 2011
Queen of Spades

dedicated to Franklin Alexander

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