Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm starting the process of Spring Cleaning, and I have come across what I'm deeming "Lost Works"--pieces I've written that I have either forgotten about, wrote on random pieces of paper, or was in the middle of scribing, lost my train of thought and stopped writing.

This one seemed worth sharing, so I'm going to put it out there.


My cell lights up from across the room.
At first, I continue scribing with my pen,
but then I stop and see your name.

...your heart is breaking.
She's hurt you again.

I hear you cry out
that She has no idea
what the Hell you are about
Why you're still with Her
is the thing I can't
figure out.

I don't say it out loud;
don't want to give a name
to forbidden thoughts of you
that's driving my body insane.

All I can do
is be your friend to the end,
providing the Neosporin
to help your cut heart mend.

I shouldn't even dare to think
of what the future could entail;
I've strolled down that road before;
Ending didn't turn out too well.

So I comfort myself in fantasy,
travel to a different time;
no other person held my heart;
you weren't in a bind.
We knew each others' tendencies,
and they blended just fine;
did it all, even went to strip clubs,
smiled at all the sexy dymes.

And we'd be high off Romance,
drunk off Desire,
bodies dripping with Anticipation,
Lust blazing like fire.

A Gent and Lady outdoors
with Freak and Slut inside,
glances and words being the portal
to creating our paradise.

...but until then,
I will remain your friend,
trying to soothe your pain
over and over again.

August 2005
Queen of Spades

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