Saturday, June 12, 2010

Missing a Miracle

I miss you, Miracle...

Sure we had little bumps along the way
but you and I had very good times.

You seemed to suit me;
we fit together just right;
it was love at first sight,
but I fell a little behind,
and you got taken away from me,
and all the good times
are now memories.

And I've tried to take your place
with a big hunk of metal
closer to the Incredible Hulk, I guess,
that I wanted to deem Boss,
but was more like P.I.T.A.
(Pain In The Ass)
or closer to Bitch,
but early in February,
it damn near ended my life
and I just wasn't the same;
the panic attacks, at times,
still haunt me,
but for the most part,
after kissing Boss good-bye,
they went away,
and I get to thinking
about how much I miss you.

Then Tiny Tim came along,
the exact opposite of Boss
and even smaller than you,
but like the Christmas Carol,
Tiny is a little sick.

But the dilemma is...
each time,
a new sickness,
a couple of times,
the same sickness
repeating itself,
and I'm wondering
if I'm better off
leaving it be
and getting another companion
to satisfy me...

I tell you one thing;
I'm going to be smart
and start exploring my options,
but I want to let you know
you're my first.

There will never ever
be another you.

I will always love you.

1 comment:

Mahoganydymond™ said...

Since I've known you, you had her... So I know that you are sad...