Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Cusp

I'm wishing that I knew
what you were doing right now
so I can come close to you
come up behind you
even stand in front of you
or look at that strand
of hair out of place
or even touch
that curve between
the tip of your nose
and the start of your lips
or perhaps other lips
located between
those expansive hips
but i don't want to trip
don't want to rush
so hush
don't fuss
let me inhale your top lip
while wetting your bottom lip
with my tongue
place your rising peaks
into my fingertips
that know a couple of tricks
gently pull
or tug harder
but only if you want me to
once a turn on
becomes a deterrent
as i rip everything away
revealing the ultimate prize
of your bathing suit
and i am humble
letting my tongue
dance along your body
following where hands
have already been
i can't pretend
to not want you
to not yearn for you
with the intensity
of that marathon runner
dashing to the finish line
so let me finish mine
i'm your slave
so take my head
and push it closer to your well
i'll thrust my tongue
and around
your spout
then in and out
and then just in
until you unleash yourself
saying that ghetto slang
that country ish
don't even know
how to even say my name no mo
yeah say that nasty shyt
gush all over me
let me bathe in you
be in you
till it seems like
my smell is you
until it's all done
and you're asleep next to me
and I smile to myself

The Cusp
c. May 2009

1 comment:

Ya gYrl R said...

This is AMAZING!!!!
How erotic yet somewhat innocent..