Sunday, February 4, 2007

Miracle Speaks Again

Today Miracle is back with us. I know it's been a while since we have interviewed her, so let's check on how she's been.

Hey Miracle, good to have you back with us.

Thank you so much. Good to be back.

So what all has happened since we last spoke?

Well, unfortunately,we had a death in our family . Blu the car was in a tragic accident three days before Christmas. The humans were not hurt but her whole front was ripped out. There was no way Blu could be saved. I still get in the habit of leaving a spot for her, as if I expect her to come back, you know, although I used to fuss about never having a chance to be in the center....

Have you gotten a new friend yet? What about Blu's sibling?

Well, no one has told M's mom about the accident....and the brother doesn't want Blu's sister, so we are pretty much at a stand still. Besides, I'm going through my own aches and pains as of late; I hope it isn't too serious...

What's wrong?

Well, I started feeling funny on Friday. M borrowed me to spend time with her brother and something in my power locks went haywire. I locked but wasn't able to unlock. Still not able to unlock on the driver's side.

Then Satuday morning, all the power windows went, which had my human pretty frustrated. They have to go through the passenger's side to get over to the driver's side before it starts locking and unlocking.

Damn! That's rough...

You're telling me...and it's not at a good time, either. My human's going on vacation, and M needs a way to get around. But I'm going to the mechanic early Tuesday to get looked at. Fortunately, I'm still under warranty, so it won't cost nearly as much to fix me as it would if I weren't. Perhaps they can fix that damn check engine light, too .

So how is M going to get around?

They decided on a rental for her. I think she's going to have to get it in her name, though; shouldn't be too bad. I think it's a good idea, since it is going to be very cold this week. Plus, no telling how long I will be in the shop for...I have a strong suspicion my wiring in my electical stuff is messed up.

What is your biggest fear?

That they will decide to trade me in . I've been a good car, hardly give them any trouble and this had to happen. My human had been put under a lot of pressure to trade me off but she said no...that we needed a second car after Blu passed away.

What is your biggest hope?

Right now, to feel better. In the future to get a nice paint job. I kind of like being white, though...I think any other color will look funny on me.

Any advice for those car owners out there?

I have lots but the best thing is when somoething first goes wrong on your car, get it checked out so it won't end up getting worse. Also, get your oil changed often as you should and don't turn curbs too sharply....

What brought that on?

Well. my human was leaving from somewhere a while back and this person was being an idiot and keeping her from getting out properly, so when she turned, she was a bit too close to the curb and it blew my tire out....but the good thing is that I got four new tires...yeah, I was quite happy about that one.

Miracle, thanks a lot for talking to us again. Wish you well on the road to recovery.

Thanks again for having me.

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