Sunday, December 10, 2023

Testing My Voice More


Greetings to all! I hope that everyone is doing well as the countdown to 2024 continues. As for myself, the tree is up and decorated. I put up some decorative lights on the inside. I set up some window clings here and there and hung up some stockings. Once Christmas is over, I will save most of the decorations for next year. The only exception is if we want to change the bulb color to red or green (since the theme is blue, gold, and white at the moment).

Moving on to the topic at hand.

In February 2022, I decided to publish a book (The Weight of Weight) under my name. Most people know I typically publish under the pseudonym Queen of Spades. I have used Queen of Spades as my pseudonym since I was eleven years old. What prompted me to ditch the pseudonym was how personal this journey was to me as well as the many layers that only I could speak on.

I was uncertain whether this would be a one-off or if I wanted to continue writing using my name. At that point, I really didn't anticipate having any more to put out there. However, recently, I came up with a concept to play around with. If it comes to fruition, it may blossom in 2024.

More of me doesn't mean that my pseudonym is going into retirement. It just means that I have more to say than anticipated, so why not test my voice more? Queen and I have different approaches to writing as well as varying styles. We aren't in any competition, that's for sure.

With all of that said, wish me luck on this new project.

Take care and stay safe.

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