Sunday, April 9, 2023

Soul Cleanse 40: A Delivery


Greetings everyone! The Unleashed One here. For those of you who celebrate it, I wish you a Happy Easter. 

I was unsure about what I wanted to write about, only that I wanted to. This morning, I knew I wanted to say something, yet I know this writing may not necessarily be applicable to me. Kind of ... like, for someone who needs to hear this, that type of thing.

Living an authentic life can be difficult.

Sure, you have the affirmations that you say to yourself or look at on a computer screen or color index card and recite out loud, but the noise of the outside world is loud and can be very strong.

It is difficult when the connections you have with individuals change.

Perhaps the path illuminates your sight and you see people for who they truly are. That seeing ... that knowing ... can impact whether those people can remain in your life fully, partially with some parameters, or have no function at all. When the connection shifts, in the most promising circumstances, there is understanding and no hard feelings; in the more realistic than not scenarios, there is hurt, disappointment, anger ... all the elements on the negative spectrum. The fallout may reflect further flaws in their character. What you thought was a best-kept secret is now fodder for Social Media. Even this reveal is progress; it's confirmation that you did the right thing.

The authentic life pathway, for those who are highly spiritual, can bring you farther away from the worldly principles that govern humanity.

You recognize that true worth doesn't have a dollar sign; that worth and value are not necessarily the same nor that they are interchangeable. A person who is poor in possessions can be rich in intangibles; a person who is wealthy in the ways of the world can be soulfully bankrupt.

You know that phrasing like "what you bring to the table" is laughable because being made in the image of Spirit (Yah, God, or whatever name you want to give) is not only the dish for the table but the table itself.

More so, it is the absence of the table, for your existence is the value. To use the yardstick of man to justify what is high or low value is flawed; it's not humanity's responsibility; it's Spirit. Spirit deems that all creations, even those who have fallen short of their higher frequency, have value; therefore, whatever Man says is moot and should be mute.

It is understandable that a new way of seeing, knowing, and doing can be intimidating.

After all, you have been doing the same thing in the same way for a long time. This method serves as a default, an autopilot, so much so that even if this default leads you down the road to disaster, you would rather follow it to your detriment than deal with the unknown. For there can be more comfort from the chaos you know than the endgame you cannot see.

This is why growing as an individual, adapting proactive mindful strategies, and healing one's trauma are intentional, everyday processes.

You have to keep doing the work when no one is looking. You have to press forward when you don't have an external cheering squad. You have to stay focused when the aches and pains of life have you submerged, for if you lose sight of why the changes needed to happen in the first place, then you regress, and the resurrection you desired for yourself would have been for naught.

You have the power to rewrite the story. The story others have crafted for you. The story you've drafted of yourself solely based on the scribbled lines of your ancestry.

Yes, the pain may have continued for countless generations, but there's nothing that says it can not cease. There are people that will choose to remain in their spiritual, emotional, and mental prisons for many reasons, but you cannot concern yourself with them. Each person has to be responsible for his journey. Contrary to their opinions, you were not designed to be their whipping post, their sacrificial lamb, or the source of their resurrection. That's Spirit's business, not yours.

Resistance will come. Regression to what's easier will arise. 

At times, you will succumb, but the question is how long will you stay? Will you perpetuate the path that will lead to you always feeling defeated when you've been delivered many lifetimes? Have you been grateful in the moment only to express grievance the moment the euphoria fades? 

Part of this is even when you cannot see the light beyond the darkness to hold fast to Spirit's track record.

No human alive will ever be able to provide the validation, support, and consistency of Spirit, for Spirit has never failed. When we look to Man to replace Spirit, there will always be levels of disappointment to follow, even with people we thought were safe. Even people who wear robes and spread Spirit's message. Beyond the garb, they are still human. Even people who pledged to love, honor, and cherish us can fall prey to inflicting pain.

As much as one may believe that those who can inflict pain can take it away, I don't believe that is valid. Healing and coming to a place where you can forgive is the first step to placing the scab over the wounds. 

When you know that the one true love and companionship is with Spirit, whoever comes along can never replace this. The best this individual can do is be a suitable complement to your authentic self as much as possible. If by chance it doesn't work out as it should, you haven't lost love.

If Spirit is the embodiment of love, then by definition, love is never lost. Only the extension of such was shattered.

Once you realize that the extension cords don't short-circuit the power supply, you can not only forgive those who broke your heart in love, but you can forgive yourself for the sadness, shame, guilt, and other complex emotions related to why past human connections failed.

I ask Spirit to give you clarity and guidance as you go through your trials and tribulations.

I ask Spirit to remind you that there were no mistakes made in your creation.

I ask Spirit to give you the courage to rewire the synapses that make you believe that your autobiography will always be filled with disillusion, disappointment, and disrespect.

I ask Spirit to emphasize there are others pulling for you and are still riding with you, even if you did not ask.

Know that you, too, can be resurrected and made anew.

Peace and blessings,

Until next time.

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