Saturday, December 24, 2022

12 Things I'm Still Undecided About


Greetings! The Unleashed One here. I hope that wherever you may be that you are healthy, safe, and warm. As I write this, it is currently ten degrees, but the wind chill has it feeling like -9.

Although I have no uncertainty that this extremely cold weather is not for me, I cannot say that for the 12 things or situations I'm to mention in this post.

Keep in mind, these are in no particular order.

12. To fully convert to plant-based milk.

This year, I have tried different types of milk.

The first kind I tried was vanilla almond milk, which I found to be somewhat too sweet.

The next one after that was the original almond milk. That produced the opposite result ... I found the taste too bland.

What served as a happy medium was unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I mostly use it in my high-protein cereal. 

Earlier this month, a few of my co-workers were telling me about oat milk. I originally shied away from it, for fear that I would taste too much of the oat flavor in the milk. After careful deliberation (and finding some that was on sale), I decided to give the vanilla oat milk a try. I've used it with my cereal but mostly with my high-protein oatmeal.

The main factor that has kept me from fully converting is finding nut milk that has just as much protein as the organic milk that I like. The one I tend to get has about thirteen grams of protein and most of the plant milk I've encountered does not come close.

11. Finesse ... to paint or not to paint

I have always wanted a royal blue car. Mainly because blue is one of my favorite colors. When I first picked out my Chevy Cruze back in September 2016, I had every intention of saving up money to get it repainted after the car was paid off. It's been paid off for a short while, but I may have gotten used to the original color ... shaking my head. Stay tuned to see if that changes.

10. Giving the travel tea

In the past, for people that I really wanted to see, I would give notification in advance when I was traveling. After having experiences where there have been more misses than hits, I don't know if I want to keep doing so.

It has nothing to do with not wanting to see those people. It just all boils down to things being reciprocal.

Just like I invest money to travel, it'd be great for that same energy to go out and for people to be willing to come to me. Also, because of some of my recent health challenges, driving long distances will be happening less frequently.

9. Um ... about these bodycon dresses and pencil skirts

With form-fitting dresses, it has to be a whole vibe with me. That vibe does not hit that often. As far as pencil skirts, I am more open to doing those with a slit to give my thighs some room. Any other type ... I don't know ... my legs feel constrained, and I don't like that feeling. I'm not saying I'm giving up on it, but I'm not fully sold to wholly commit.

8. Skinny pants/jeans ... under advisement or near retirement

For the majority of my life, I veered away from skinny jeans and pants because I didn't think they would look right on my body. As my body changed, I was in a state of flux in re-establishing my style. When I gave skinny pants and jeans a try, I was like, "Okay, I can rock this." 

Call it getting older. Or call it desiring more flex room in the thighs. Whatever the case, I'm exploring straight leg or relaxed skinnies, if there is such a thing. 

7. A more antiquated showcase of clothing

There are periods of time that showcase pieces that I like. The look of Victorian pieces move me. Even elements of steampunk and goth-glam. I have worn jewelry that speaks to era, but haven't made the full jump to incorporate the era in a lot of my wardrobe. 

6. Barefoot/minimalist shoe experimentation

When the incident happened with my right foot, there were different perspectives on what happened. The podiatrist believes that I had an injury due to overuse. The orthopedic doctor thinks that the wearing of too many narrow box shoes caused the disruption and made suggestions on different shoes to wear. 

With the mention of shoes having a "wider toe box" comes the theory that modern shoes go against the foot's natural biomechanics. Hence this huge movement for barefoot shoes. Barefoot (or minimalist) shoes are as it sounds ... it mimics the feel of a person walking barefoot. However, one toes has rooms to wiggle and spread out.

I admit my foot is used to a certain level of cushioning. I mainly experiment with strength training barefoot when in the house, but will that translate to trying a pair?

5. Investing in a new bed

Since my recent medical discovery (<-- click there to red about it), elevation of my legs is highly suggested, even during sleep. This is bothersome because (1) the pillows always shift and (2) even if I start on my back, eventually I pivot to the side, since I am a side sleeper.

I've been doing research on beds that have the adjustable bed frame and mattresses that give proper support to side sleepers while accounting for my perimenopausal symptoms.

There's a strong possibility that this "undecided" will eventually lead to a yes. I just don't know when.

4. Keeping two gym memberships

Okay ... so ... lol.

Joining the gym close to my job was for a variety of reasons. Apart from it being close to my job, it had some programs that my friend (at the time) was interested in as well as classes we were supposed to do together. Yes, this gym is almost three times what I pay at Planet Fitness, but since the availability of the classes, the proximity to work, and some extra things were included, I didn't mind making the investment.

Some months later, my friend's schedule and mine stopped being in sync. Other factors surfaced leading her into cancelling her gym membership. One of the classes she and I were taking together I stopped taking because I wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Also, many classes I liked were given on weekdays as opposed to weekends.

I took a hiatus from the 2nd gym for a few monthsbecause I originally was going to do a lot of traveling. The news of my blood clot derailed my plans, but it was better spending $20 for the pause than $67 each month and not going.

With the major moves I'm planning in 2023, I'm debating if the 2nd gym membership is worth keeping. If I end up in a position where there's already a workout set up (depending on the state of the equipment and purpose), then it wouldn't make sense in the afternoons to have the 2nd membership. Yet, I would miss out on the group class set up, which was one of the benefits of this gym in the first place. $67 a month though (not counting the yearly fee) ... 😒

3. The first passport stamp

I am thankful to everyone who has weighed in on where I should travel first. I know that the best bet would be to do a cruise. I haven't finalized where the first stop will be, but where ever it is will not be six degrees ... #facts

2. Facebook Dating: should it be one of the three?

Brace yourselves, but I am ready to take a peek at what's out there. This isn't to say I won't go and retreat three months later.

I have been unpartnered for some time. It has been much needed time to heal and know myself. Healing is an ongoing process. Reconnecting with who I am is a song that has many melodies. Therefore, I hope whoever the individual is likes an orchestra.

I am not going to reveal the two contenders I've settled on (as far as dating sites). I don't want to apply for too many. I don't want to be spread too thin. Plus, I owe it to the people I'm getting to know. In addition, I'm more exact about what I want, what are red flags for me, and what I'm unwilling to compromise on, so that will serve to eliminate people early. Before, I was giving people a chance because they decided to talk to me or continued communication. I know now, that the baseline criteria, isn't enough.

I haven't heard too many people say positive experiences with Facebook dating, but since I'm already on Facebook, it would be the most convenient.

1. To remain on the blood thinner

Yes, the blood clot is gone. Yes, the decision is up to me. I'm no closer to putting the nail in the coffin but am hoping that visits to my endocrinologist and the vascular doctor will assist me.

Listening to my body helped me to recognize that I had a clot. 

Listening to my body assisted in pointing out fluctuations in my glucose numbers.

I'm not happy that I'm on one medication to counteract the effects of another, but I can't keep looking at it as a setback. 

I am getting to a place where I applaud myself for putting myself first and not pushing it off until later. That is what I would do in the past, and at times, it made things worse. But I can't pretend that it doesn't sadden me. That the circumstances do not suck.

I just pray for clarity in all things in 2023.

Until next time, 


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