Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Writing Project Whisper That Became a Word


Greetings everyone! The Unleashed One here. 

The title has probably thrown some of you off because I typically talk about writing projects on the Author Queen of Spades website or on the All Authors Publishing House website.

There is something different about this ... so much so, that I only let a handful of people know that I was working on this particular endeavor. It wasn't something that was planned but started off as a whisper that I debated back and forth on whether it would become a word.

I have been quite candid that some changes had come about since traveling on this Highway to Healthy, but what I did not anticipate was that the effects would be more than just physical. I discovered that there wasn't just physical weight that was being shed but other types that had not been tackled.

Now more confusion has been thrown into the fray ... isn't that who Queen, my writing pseudonym, represents? 

In my life, Queen of Spades represented more than a creative outlet. Truly, from the start, she was the enhanced personification of the type of woman I wanted to become. She was my vocal cords in my early years when I was speechless. She was the amplifier to all my emotions once I was comfortable and able enough to process them.

For a long time, we operated separately. Nothing about our demeanor was that much alike. However, over these past few years, there has been cohesion between us, and I noticed it with the last three works Queen wrote. Sure, it was her design and rhythm, but I stayed present throughout, which rarely happens.

There was anticipation as to when Queen was coming out with her next project. Would it be a collection of short stories, more poetry, or just more works to put in anthologies? 

It wasn't that my pseudonym had no desire to do any writing. It was just whatever was on paper did not sound anything like her. 

And ... why would it?

All of the changes occurring had everything to do with me.

The work I was doing on me.

Once it dawned on me that this next publication would be sans Queen, I was taken aback.

Somewhat anxious. Highly nervous.

I'd never published a book as myself. I know this may sound silly (and would perhaps only make sense to other writers who use pseudonyms) but what if I wasn't as readworthy and relatable as Queen?

Yet, the whisper, "Don't worry. Just write," kept me going. Soon, they became words. Enough words to match the numerology with just enough time to meet the date I was given for it to be released.

The Weight of Weight


People tend to focus on the starting and ending points of a journey but never on the rest stops along the way.

The Weight of Weight is the author’s lyrical representation of each essential stop: to not only maintain her current mileage of progress but also tackle the detours of impalpable masses that needed examination or upheaval.

I cannot say for sure whether this will be the only book I put out under my name. I do know this DOES NOT mean that Queen is retiring. Now that The Weight of Weight has concluded, this has freed up the creative space for Queen's future works to continue.

Like Queen, I never come into expectations of a reader's response. I'd appreciate the support on the release. I even thought to have it available in Paperback and Hardcover, for those who are more traditional and don't like or have reading devices. It would be wonderful to get feedback from those who have purchased it and read it, regardless of ranking. In the end, I put it out for myself, and now that the weight has been transferred, I have opened a door and cannot go backward.

Here's to not looking back and daring greatly.

P.S. Special thanks to the following people:

To Y. Correa, for her insight as it pertained to working through the anxiety and for unexpectedly providing the foreword to the work.

To Teianna (Pooh Bear), for being highly supportive and acquiring the book "hot off the presses".

To Andrew Boyd, for his continued support of my writing endeavors.

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