Sunday, April 5, 2020

A Pandemic Should Not Be Needed

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Hello everyone. The Unleashed One here. I know the title may ruffle some feathers but there is a point to it.

In my opinion, a pandemic should not be needed to decide to change one's behavior. I believe that all people should strive to be the best humans they can be, regardless of what's going on around them. The Universe sees every day, not just on days of chaos. It does not need a showcase of good deeds being done by people just to get a ticket to Heaven in the event of their passing.

Too many individuals have made their perceptions about me reality. It's even worse when I let someone in to know me on a deeper level, and they only hear or see what they wish to see.

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I have always been a person who does more with less. That includes people. I have expressed that I am highly selective, and there are levels as it pertains to connectivity. I look at people's actions. I pay attention to what they do in silence. That can tell me more about how the reality of that person, more so than what the person says.

Even before the Coronavirus, I was eliminating people who took more from me than they gave. Became less available when the only reason I was even getting called was only for advice, rarely asking about my welfare, or just not asking at all. To me, that's a very one-sided thing. I've been in those situations for far too long, and because I know how draining they can be to me, I have to be the advocate of my own self-preservation. I cannot depend on others to do that for me.

Not all of the clipping of ties come from a place of anger. Actually, I don't weed out based on anger. I do it based on whether you are really adding value to my life. I am not speaking monetarily but intangible factors. I am looking at the behavior: if you brought anything concrete to the table to where not only I can grow, but we can both grow as individuals.

I cannot deal with a person who only sees the wrong in the other person's behavior. An evolved person is able to admit shortcomings.

I cannot deal with a person who is very quick to misinterpret without asking for clarification and is quick to get defensive based on a misinterpretation of what's presented. Mental transcendence is a trait much desire but does not adhere to when feet are put to the fire.

I cannot deal with anyone who says they're a friend of mine but doesn't really want to know anything about me but hold on to someone who's no longer who I am. To know me is to see the scars and the scabs, even if that means not knowing where you fit in the puzzle.

If a person is in my life now, they have to work with who I am now ... not who I was years back. A pandemic should not be needed for that clarification.

I can still wish a person good tidings without them being an integral part of my life. There's no malice behind it. It's just, for whatever reason, we don't fit into each other's lives. Nothing wrong has to take place for people to outgrow each other.

If a person has a transcendent love for me, then my directness should never be mistaken for ill will. If one knows me, that has never been me. 

I don't invest energy in what drains me unnecessarily. That's more to protect me than offense to anyone else.

The people that want to check on me and have my personal information know how to. I like to live life outside of Social Media. If it wasn't for being a published author and the very few that are on Social Media that I support, I wouldn't be on the platform at all.

Antiquatedness is a treasure but at times, it gets treated shoddily. Not respected in times of instant gratification through this medium. Will I evolve? Perhaps. But not by force. Only if it's in my heart to. When I dare to go out of my comfort zone (which I have been doing a lot, particularly these past two years), that's progress.

I pray everyone is safe during all this. 

Keep up all the positive energy and change behavior not just during the pandemic but once it's concluded and the world returns to a state of normalcy.

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