Friday, July 5, 2019

Might As Well Type

Hello everyone!

I was all set and ready to go to an early morning workout at the gym. Although the place said they would reopen at midnight, I, along with two other people, arrived there but the doors were locked. I'm still trying to determine if it is worth making a formal complaint or not, since they should adhere to their hours.

In any event, I'm back at the house. Unfortunately, once I'm up, I'm up, so there's no use in me going back to sleep. I got here, switched purses, decided what I'm going to wear for the day while I'm out and about. Now I'm sitting here, putting this entry in.

I surmise that the activities I deem as fun are probably some most would find boring or not that appealing. Yet, quite a bit of it, particularly the times in which I do some of the excursions, coincide with making my introvert and empath happy.

For example, I do love going to the movies when it's not too crowded. Typically, that is early in the day. In addition, the price is cheaper. When I'm the only one in the theater for the movie, that's the bonus. It's like being part of a private showing if you ask me. Yeah, I could just sit at home and watch something on a big screen TV, but I enjoy the movie theater experience. Nothing beats smelling the popcorn being freshly popped along with the butter. 

There's also a certain atmosphere I look for when going to the gym. Because two of the days I go are directly after work, I alter my expectations. See, if I go straight home after work, there's a strong possibility I'm in for the night. I'm not a fan of making multiple trips if I don't have to. If I'm going on a weekend, I prefer very early in the morning, since that is when I have the most get up and go along with not having my breakfast yet. Every once in a blue moon, I'll go very late at night, but that's under certain circumstances, like I'm really having a difficult time sleeping, or I've got other stuff happening the next day but still want to get a workout in.

I do like going to the park too. Lately, I haven't been able to go often. It's either been raining or way too hot. I take my pad and pen with me, in case I have the urge to write, when I'm able to get there. It just hasn't panned out that way for the summer so far.

I did get a chance to go to the beach before tourist season officially started. Now that it is in full swing, I won't be out as much, unless it's to the quieter beaches. If I'm around crowds too long, it tends to drain me.

All right ... let me close this on out. Catch everyone later.


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