Monday, March 7, 2016

Move #2: The Chaos of Change

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to talk about something that I rarely discuss—“the job”.  Yet, it was preparing for the title (“Move #2) that generated another stream of thinking.

Let me do a quick rewind.

For the past couple of years, the “Company” (I can’t really say the name due to confidentiality) was unhappy with the leasing situation and was trying to relocate into another building. At one point, it was thought that the “Company” was moving up the road and across the street. Yet that fell through … no one seems to know why. Later on, “we” (meaning the employees) discovered that the lease with the current building was renegotiated but there was to be reconstruction and revamping, not only of the buildings but who was going where.

As it stood, the “Company” was spread all over the place—occupying buildings 2, 4 and 6 in the complex. Another organization relocated, leaving building 1 empty. In the new arrangement, building 6 would be emptied, and its occupants would be dispersed between buildings 1, 2, and 4.

So, still following me? I hope so.

Then, the big question: who was going where?

It was decided that Information Services (not to be confused with the Help Desk) would be in Building 1, while the Help Desk side would be in Building 4.
The people who are part of Accounting would finally be in one building, since they were split between Bldg. 2 and Bldg. 6. The final plan has all of Accounting in Bldg. 2.

The part that has people a bit on edge is that the executive administration of the “Company” will be in Bldg. 2 as well. Some people tend not to like other people, so it will make the already existing Office Drama, amplified.  HR and Legal would still be in Bldg 2 but kind of separate from Accounting, along with Audits and Compliance.

So the people who would be in Bldg. 4 with the Help Desk would be the Client Services people and the individuals that assist that department. That area has the most amount of people, so in my mind, it makes sense that the whole unit take over that slot.

There have been massive hiccups along the way. The people who moved in Building 1 had to deal with a leak that popped up not even one week in and the toilets not being as operational as need be. On top of that, many people are fussing at the limited access—only certain people can get in Bldg. 1 and if you’re not one of the chosen ones, you’re assed out. Some of the deliveries (like stuff for the windows) were wrong, so that is taking up time. Plus, one of the two buildings under construction (Bldg. 4) failed inspection which threatens to disrupt this next phase of the move.

Then there are complaints about the color scheme used for the new building. No, it wouldn’t be a color I’d gone with but if you’re doing an office setting, the choices are a bit limited. Since there are some employees who are sensitive to bright colors, this was what they wanted to go with.

Perhaps I’m one of the few that doesn’t mind the new. I really like the new phone that I have—it’s a lot easier to operate and follow than the other one. I love having a headset, even though the wire gets tied up (and in a dream world, I’d like the wireless). I like having the duel screens; it helps me keep up with my work. Also, some of this furniture looks older than me –why can’t we have office things that aren’t ripped up or broken, along with cabinets that actually lock? I’m just saying.

So, the first phase of the Move (Move #1) occurred late in 2015. It’s been great being in the corner next to the window—I won’t have that luxury for Move #2. Because of who I work for, we were kind of like the guinea pigs and were moved first.  Move #1 involved moving the people from Bldg. 2 to Bldg. 6. Along the way, the “Company” decided to start work on Bldg. 4 before Bldg. 2 got completed, so a segment that was in Bldg. 4 is now in Bldg. 6, making things very crowded and noisy, which a lot of people aren’t thrilled about.

The Chief of Staff is optimistic that we all can start Move #2 two weeks from today but I look inside and think they have a long way to go … in both buildings.

All this “moving” has me thinking about change and how the people at work reflect the different attitudes towards change.

There are quite a few who don’t like it one bit—mainly because it disrupts their entire system on doing things. One person I know has kept paperwork that dates back to 1978. I was only a year old then.

There are some who are open to change but fear it may do more harm than good.

There are some that welcome this with open arms because they just want something different.

Heck, there are a few that’s just glad to be getting some new things.

I don’t feel as apprehensive about this move as the last move … because this will be this department’s final move—once we are in Bldg. 2, that’s it. The first move was quite chaotic, and at one point, I had to direct the men where to put everything because despite the labels, they just tossed stuff wherever. Plus, I had to hear their grumbling about the job needing more hands and they were short staffed. I’m like, “Don’t look at me. I didn’t do the hiring.”

There’s also a lot of moving taking place at the home front.

A few weeks ago, the couple in Apartment Four moved out. I felt bad for the person who had to repair all of the damage they caused. They even left blood on the door and the walls, since the couple had gotten in a huge fight and somehow the guy busted himself open. Although the people in Apartment Five sometimes have their music loud, I’d rather hear that then screaming, cussing, and fighting.

The landlord is making the rounds, asking the remaining tenants how they feel about a rent increase. We aren’t fans but truth be told, the previous landlord was the classic definition of a slum lord. No matter how much we complained about things that needed fixing in the apartment, he would never become diligent about getting them fixed until he got hit with violations. I also don’t think he was honest with the other guy about how much work needed to be done to this property when the other guy took over.

Although I’m sympathetic, I don’t think that people who have been paying their rent faithfully for years should get penalized. I was honest in my assessment of my finances; I know how much of a hike I can deal with and not deal with, so if it is too high, I would have to look to moving to a new location next year.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing some cleaning—throwing out a lot of items. I guess the better term is detoxification. Not sure if many of you remember this, but I didn’t have much time to between the nasty breakup in May 2008 and making the move to the apartment in October 2008. I was full steam ahead with working and just really didn’t have the opportunity to really enjoy the space. For a while, I only lived in just one room—taking time here and there to try and decorate the other two rooms (not counting the bathroom).  So, some of that person never got discarded, if you will.

The black trash bags come in handy because I found myself being too tempted to keep certain stuff if the bag was clear or that flimsy white plastic.

I still have a ways to go, but I believe the more I get rid of now, the less hassle it will be once I relocate.

Change may be awkward for a time, but one doesn’t grow if it isn’t uncomfortable. Yet it is a necessity and one chooses whether to roll with the punches or get knocked out in the first round.

I do lose my breath and my heart starts racing. A moment or two, the “what ifs” rouses my panic and I have to stop, regain my breath, then resume the journey.

This is the flow of my life now … a rhythm I’m growing to accept.


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