Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Fail

Greetings everyone!

This is the best face I could come up with--even this doesn't fully cover it.  No, I didn't do anything qualifying as a fail.

But the WWE did and with this man:

Yes, that is the Undertaker.  For those who started to watch WWE late, he became known for being undefeated at Wrestlemania and making "streak" a catch phrase.

For those of us who followed WWE when it still had an "F", we remember Undertaker for a different reason.  People like me.

I was blown away when he first appeared with Brother Love at Survivor Series 1990.  (No, Undertaker wasn't always with Paul Bearer--that came later.)  No one had an answer for his power.  He was very agile for such a big man--the way he walked on the rope, flew in the air.  Also, The Last Ride and the Tombstone Pile Driver (he added Hell's Gate later on to his arsenal).  The amount of pain he was able to absorb and still keep coming at people.

It wasn't just how he was as an athlete in the ring.  He was one of the few people who was great at recognizing talent and he commanded a lot of respect from the guys in the back.  When a man faced the Undertaker, it was for a purpose--to get catapulted to that next level.  Whether that man won (outside of the Wrestlemania streak matches) or lost, one would get respect because he went against the man.

So where did the fail occur?

Last night at Wrestlemania, The Undertaker went against Brock Lesnar.

I'm on record as saying that I don't have a lot of respect for Brock Lesnar.  I think he's overrated.  He cares nothing about the sport; he comes in part time, takes his check, and goes home.  When he was full time in WWE, he did nothing to really enrich the sport.  He doesn't have a whole lot of speed, lacks charisma, and just has two moves he's mainly known for: the F-5 and the Kimura.

**In my mind, I'm already thinking of who they are going to put The Undertaker against for next year.  Mainly because I'm thinking there is no way that WWE would have Brock Lesnar be the one to end the Undertaker's legendary streak.**

When I saw the way that match ended, I was absolutely outdone!  I damn near punched the screen.  In my opinion, Brock Lesnar's overpaid ass didn't even deserve to be in the ring with The Undertaker.  Brock had already been in wars with Triple H, and Triple H had already put Brock's ass over.  Brock didn't need that win.  If WWE really thought that having Brock come on top of The Undertaker was going to garner him respect, then they really don't know their "wrestling fan base".  That's different from the "entertainment fan base. "

I know you may be wondering if I wanted the Taker's streak to last forever.  Look, I'm realistic.  The Undertaker's health hadn't been well in quite a few years.  Quite honestly, his streak should have ended a few years back--especially with the CM Punk last year.  He was the worst for wear at last year's Wrestlemania, and I wouldn't have been mad if CM Punk ended the streak.

I'm not the hugest fan of Triple H (Shawn Michaels has always been the better wrestler; why has there ever been a debate?), but I would have dealt with Triple H ending the streak.  Even Shawn Michaels after his second try...because those are men I respect.

But Brock Lesnar?  You let that bitch man be the one who ended Undertaker's streak?  It takes all the epic and majesty out of what the Streak represented.  Brock is not better than CM Punk.  He's not better than Triple H.  He damn sure isn't better than Shawn Michaels.  Yet those men didn't defeat Taker at Wrestlemania.

The best way WWE can make up for this travesty is to put The Undertaker in the 2015 Hall of Fame. Because for him to be defeated by a piss poor imitation of wrestling deserves something to make that embarrassment worth it. 

WWE, having a certain person finally come out on top (that will be revealed on another blog) is not quite enough for me to forgive this.


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