Monday, October 7, 2013

Word 5: One

Word 5: One

Title: Dialogue Gone Wrong

As Charlotte walked down the hall, she heard animated voices in her daughter’s room.  She started to walk in but stopped short as she zoned in on the topic.

“I really thought he was the One,” Daphne shouted, “but he’s with Melanie.  It’s because she has bigger tits.”

“No,” responded Farrah, “it’s because she puts out.  Daph, you’d be the One if you would do that.”

The statement caused Charlotte to open the door.

“Daphne, the only One you should be focused on is you! Farrah, get your fast ass out of here, or should I call your mama?”

(I'll let you guys use your own imagination to come up with what happened next...giggles)



Thee_Kween said...

LOL! Sounds like mama whooped her ass. lol

Reggie said...

I'm just glad that I didn't hear that shit coming out of my teenage daughter's room.

No Labels said...

I know there would have been some danger, indeed!