Saturday, October 26, 2013

Word 26: Cold

Word 26: Cold

If I had to choose between hot and cold, I believe I would choose cold.  I love the feel of fall.  Fall is actually my favorite season.  Yet, when it gets cold enough to turn on the heater, I like to curl up under the blanket with the fan or AC on.  It doesn’t make any sense to my husband.  He just shakes his head and puts on more clothing to counter when he feels cold.  I would chalk it up to getting hot flashes early, except I was like that, even when I was a kid.


Reggie said...

If I had to choose between hot and cold, I would choose hot.

Just looking at the weather today from a Floridian's perspective, I don't miss New Jersey's weather.

No Labels said...

I'd rather have Southern weather because to me, it strikes the right balance. Yet, I don't like it too

Thee_Kween said...

Fall is my fave season because it has more of a balance between hot and cold. I don't do well in extreme weather.