Friday, October 25, 2013

Word 18: Huge

Word 18: Huge

Can I utilize a pass? (lol, just kidding)

One thing I consider huge is my ability to give.  I am happy to lend a listening ear and assist when and if I can.  Unfortunately, there are instances where that hugeness is mistaken for weakness, and choices are made.  I am forced, for my own good, to dampen down my hugeness, and to become more selective.  In the process, some who used to say wonderful things about me now have nothing but negative thoughts spew from their lips.  Sorry, folks.  I have to love me.


Reggie said...

I think we've all been bitten by the size of our hearts being taken as a weakness.

No Labels said...

Indeed. It's as if I'm not supposed to have a limit. Seriously?

Thee_Kween said...

You have to stand up for yourself. "Hugeness" doesn't mean you have to be anyone's doormat.