Thursday, May 23, 2013

Honeymoon: Who Wouldn't Want That? (Food For Thought)

A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. (source Wikipedia)

If the wedding is mainly for the ladies, then the honeymoon should definitely benefit the guys. 

Just think about it for a moment.

The wedding is for the lady to be in the spotlight.  She gets to be queen for a day.  It’s her way of saying, “Look at me; I’m a star!”  Her needs, wants, and desires are catered to.  The guy’s job is simple—to make things as stress free as possible.  Even if that means being dressed up in a tux that may feel a bit hot.  Even if that means the pomp and circumstance isn’t necessarily his cup of tea.  If it were up to some guys, it would be a simple as being in his backyard and having a guy over to marry the two of them.  Wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of planning and plus, he’d be near his house—in case he wanted to grab a cold one afterwards.  In my experiences, I haven’t heard any straight guy gush about his wedding colors, the fabrics, the cake, or the place settings.

The honeymoon is all about relaxing.  It is all about winding down from the stress of the wedding.  It is getting away from the crowd, getting away from the monotony of life.  A person can sit at home and play video games any day.  The honeymoon is about the guy and the girl, and any activity outside of their cocoon doesn’t exist.

Source: Tumblr

The female can get as uninhibited as she wants.  If the guy and girl are living together, who wants to worry about the cops knocking because of the noises?  On top of that, who wants to worry about the kids walking in?  A female is a fan of a different setting.  There’s something about a different bed in a luxurious hotel.  Or privacy on a beach.  An indoor Jacuzzi.  It makes her feel special.  It makes her feel like she wants to do and be extra.  The mood can be set without any interruption.  It is just very freeing.

Source: Pinterest

The guy should see this as an opportunity.  He may get exposed to a few extra tricks she decided not to bring out until the honeymoon.  He should not miss out on this uninterrupted time to love her as much as he can and as often as he can.  He can also take his time to try out some new techniques.  There is no rushing to get to final destination.  He should take his time—savor every curve, nook, and cranny.
 Being away means there’s no fire to put out—even if there was, both are too far away to do anything about it.    

I can understand why some people may not be too keen on the wedding.  Dealing with planning, people, details=stressful.

However, the honeymoon is the opportunity to experience the deepest level of intimacy with no interruptions.

What person, especially of the male persuasion, would not want that?

Just putting it out there.


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