Friday, April 12, 2013

Real Time: Body Status

About a week ago or so, I posted that I had been feeling under the weather.  I did end up going to the doctor after a few days because not only had my fatigue not improved (no matter how much sleeping I was doing) but I was starting to experience middle to lower back pain as well as pain in the lower part of my belly.  It had nothing to do with my levels being high, although they are slightly higher than they have been in a while.  I caved in and went to the doctor.

I found out that I had an infection which inquired antibiotics.  I didn’t get the go ahead to return to work until this past Wednesday (the 10th).  Although the pain I’m feeling now has more to do with my time of the month sweeping in on Monday, I am suffering the aftereffects of a cold.

I haven’t been doing anything at the gym.  I had been feeling too exhausted and the doctor told me to give it a few days after I was off the antibiotic to make an attempt.  I may give things a go on Saturday.

Yesterday was the first day I felt active enough to really do anything other than just lie in the bed, either sleeping, baby snacking here and there (cause I had no appetite) and catching up on some of the things I have in my Netflix queue. 

I actually built up a workout by doing some more cleaning in the apartment, mostly going through old mail and sorting out things I don’t need.  It did make me realize I need to make more of an effort of going through my mail on a weekly or biweekly basis instead of just once a month. 

I’m slowly getting there.  If I don’t make it to the gym by the end of this week, I will attempt it at the beginning of next week—perhaps either Sunday or Tuesday.

Take care, everyone!  Have an awesome weekend!


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Reggie said...

I find when I go a while without working out, it's hard to start again. For the past week I've walked at least five miles a day every day. Today when I got home it was raining hard, but it stopped. I really should get off my ass and get out there....but I think not.

At least you're feeling better.