Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 8: When I Grow Up, I Want to Be... (30 Days of Days)

Day 8: A Day I Realized What I Wanted To Do or Be

Well, I guess this is probably two time periods/dates because it changed along the way.

It was around 6th grade I first thought that I wanted to be a teacher.  It was mainly because I had so many good ones, plus I wanted to impact others' lives the way they impacted mine.

From Mrs. Fountain in the 1st grade.

To my speech teacher Mrs. Lipscomb (in the 3rd grade)

To my 6th grade English teacher, Mrs. Bergalowski. 

To my high school geometry and advanced math teacher, Mrs. Thompson.

To my accounting teacher, Mrs. Wimberly.

And so many more.

I had some winners, which is why it saddens me to hear about children not getting the education they need.  It hurts that children have to worry about the teachers hitting on them, violence, and having the odds stacked against them. 

But my teaching aspirations changed once I got into the tenth grade.  My fascination with numbers and what I was doing in my accounting class changed my focus from teaching to accounting. 

Most people found that to be strange, especially the ones who knew of my writing ability and thought I should really pursue writing as a career.

Yet the way I was brought up was like this: You do something that can guarantee steady income, and you shouldn't do something that you don’t know if you’re going to get paid for.

This wasn't necessarily as much my grandparents’ mentality as it was my small town’s mentality, and especially my mom’s mentality.  

My mom’s views on this really hit home one of the very few times she actually came to visit.  At that time, I think she was with her 2nd husband.  Rather than the two of them getting a hotel, she stayed at the house, which I sensed Grandma wasn't too comfortable with.  I wasn't really too comfortable being around him, either. 

Well, usually after I would write, I would put my writings away.  I wrote about a lot of the pain I went through, which included varying degrees of feelings I had about my mom.  I didn't have a computer at the type, but I did have a typewriter.  I would try to have two copies of my writings—one handwritten and one typed.  Usually, I would hand write it first, and then I would type it out.

One particular night, I didn't have a chance to get it typed, so I had some pages I had written.  I had forgotten to put the writings away before I went to school that day.  When I got to the house, I noticed there was a fire in the back, and when I went back there, my mom was there, and my notebook of handwritten stuff had been thrown in the fire.

When I screamed at her why she did it, she was like, “You need to invest in something that will make money, none of this foolish junk!”

So I divulged myself in accounting and business administration.

I’m not going to say I have regrets about it because I utilize a lot of the information I know with assisting people.  However, because of how the economy has been, I haven’t been able to fully utilize it in a traditional sense for the past couple of years.  

Who's to say?  Perhaps I'm reinventing

Day 8--that's a wrap!


Thee_Kween said...

That was so cruel...I'm hot right now.

The God'ess said...

Just hateful. I'm sorry Monica.

No Labels said...

(hugs) Thanks.

Reggie said...

Hmph, I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

ABoyd378 said...

"When I screamed at her why she did it, she was like, 'You need to invest in something that will make money, none of this foolish junk!'"

*Looking for Mjölnir...*

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