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Day 23: Hey, Thought it was MY Birthday (30 Days of Days)

Day 23: The Day I Turned 21

Sept. 12, 1998 (on a Saturday)

For some people, their 21st birthday is quite a blast.  The biggest thing is being able to drink alcohol.

But since I got exposed to that at 19 (and discovered that I wasn't much of a drinker--at least with beer, which was what I first got introduced to), I didn't really see all the glitz and glamour.

It felt a tad bit lonely. 

My closet male friend, who I would normally celebrate with, was going to nursing school over on the Natchez campus so he rarely came on the main campus anymore.  Natchez was about 40 minutes out.

My other male friend (who was really more like an associate but I adoped him because he was friends with my closest male friend) did say "Happy Birthday" and give me a card, but he wasn't the type that would go through the same care as my male friend.

My male friend would have gotten me a birthday cake, treated me to dinner---the whole nine.

Plus, the female who I used to deem cool...well, she and I were no longer cool

To make a long story short, I found out that she slept with my former fiance' during the time he and I were together.  It is a bit more complex than that, but that is the tidy, summed up version.  The extended version would make a separate blog in itself.  She did act remorseful but things just weren't the same; it made it even more complicated that she and I ended up roommates.

However, there was this guy named Reginald I had been chatting with back and forth on line.  He was interested in finally seeing me.  He had spoken about it for a while, but I wasn't sure whether he was going to follow through.

I was very cautious because I did go through an episode where I was supposed to meet someone, and I heard from that person all the way until I got to the airport--and the guy failed to pick me up.  Since I didn't know anyone from that area at the time, I took the next flight out and went back.

I did mention to Reginald what I had been through and told him if he really wanted to see me, he'd have to come to me, not the other way around.  He said he would come around my birthday, but I wasn't holding my breath.  I wanted to conduct my day as normal.

I did hear from him the night before my birthday (on a Friday).  He told me he was headed out and would be there in time for my birthday.  I refrained from being overly hopeful but sounded excited he was coming.  In case he was for real, I did let him know which dorm I was staying in as well as how to get there, since he expressed that he was driving from Georgia.

Instead of heading out Friday night, he opted to head out early Saturday morning.  He arrived around Saturday afternoon.  I decided on a nice top and some dressy jeans.  He arrived in a polo short and some jeans.  I'm glad I didn't get too overdressed.  He looked slightly slimmer in his pictures, but overall, he looked the same.  He told me my pictures didn't do me justice and he thought I was beautiful.  That definitely gained him brownie points.

I wasn't quite ready to eat.  It was a beautiful day, and I hadn't been to the park in a while.  The park was mainly my spot to relax, or when I was going through something, where I would escape.

I suggested to Reginald before we eat that we could just chill in the park at first.  He seemed all right with it.  I went back upstairs to grab a blanket, and just in case he got hungry (because I wasn't), I packed him a few sandwiches and both of us something to drink.

We arrived out there, and at first, everything seemed fine.  He was asking me questions about how my classes were going and what not.  I was answering them and then I began asking more about him.

Now, it wasn't too hot out there, but it wasn't cold enough for the bugs to stop swarming.  As he was talking, I noticed he was getting more and more agitated.    A few bugs were flying here and there; I was pretty used to them so I wasn't bothered.

Reginald, however, was a whole different story.  The last straw with him was when a bee came nearby.  The bee wasn't really paying attention to us but the flowers a little bit away.

However, Reginald started bothering the bee, so of course, the bee got ticked off and started chasing at him.

"Let's get out of here!" he yelled.  "This isn't my idea of fun, being out here with all this wildlife!"

I was a little bit hesitant.

I had never been around a man who didn't like being outdoors or was so bothered by flies, butterflies...things that had a right to be out in nature because it's their habitat.

I was trying to fight back my laughter, too.

However, Reginald did go through the trouble, driving out to see me.  I wanted him to have a good time, and if nature wasn't it, so be it.

We decided to go off campus to get something to eat.  Reginald seemed more at ease.

"Now this is more like it!"

I found out that Reginald had no problem continuing to talk about himself, so much so I could barely get a word in edgewise.  He kept eyeing a couple of people next to us and chuckling to himself.  I finally asked him what was so funny, and he was making fun of the way they talked, calling them "a bunch of retards".

I didn't find it so funny.  Plus, I don't like the word "retard."  I told him he was being cruel, and it was he who was being the retard for poking fun at them.

I felt as if that gave me a glimpse into how cruel Reginald could be, and I didn't like seeing that aspect at all.

It also didn't really feel like we were celebrating my birthday.  I just thought for a birthday, you do what the birthday person wants to do.  He didn't ask me where I wanted to go; he just picked a place and hoped I liked it.

Once we arrived back at campus, I wanted to get into something a bit dressier and go to the club, since I hadn't in a while, but he didn't want to do that because he had two left feet.  I respected it.

He wanted us to go to the movies, so I agreed to that.  Then, I'm thinking, "Well, at least I'd get to choose the movie."  But he chose the movie; he liked it, but I thought it was stupid.

By the time the movie was done with, it was late.  He didn't feel like driving back to campus.  I agreed to spend the night at the hotel room so he could catch up on his sleep.

It was no surprise he opted for a single bed.  I guess he thought he was going to get lucky, and I don't blame him, since he drove about six hours or so.  My mind was still on his aversion to nature, his not really being interested in getting to know about me, his "retarded" comment, and my day being all about him.

The kissing, although pleasing to Reginald, was lackluster to me.  He was aroused, but I just couldn't.  I let him know that I was glad he made the trip to see me, but it seemed he and I got along better via E-mail, IM's and phone calls than in person.  We just weren't right for each other and it wouldn't feel right to have birthday sex.

He wasn't happy but he respected my wishes.  He did request that I jack him off; he said, "It was the least I could do."

Should I or shouldn't I?

I'm thinking that if I don't, he may try to bug me while I'm trying to sleep.  Therefore, I went with the lesser of two evils.

Luckily for me, he didn't take long.  Apparently I had the right pressure, pull, and stroking ability.

Although I usually enjoy moments when I'm away from campus, I must admit the day after my birthday, I was never happier to see Alcorn's campus.

Day 23, that's a wrap!


As the Budda Flows said...

lol poor thing could get none but took a hand job...

Reggie said...

How can a man not love being outdoors?!?

Still, dude did have a rather nice name.

Mahoganydymond™ said...

I know this was a disaster but it was also funny..

No Labels said...

Yeah, it was pretty funny in hindsight. Going through it wasn't so fun, though.

Thee_Kween said...

Dang :/