Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 19: I Heart Mondays (30 Days of Days)

Day 19: My Favorite Day of the Week and Why

My favorite day of the week is actually the day quite a few people (at least at my day job) complain about.

My favorite day of the week is Monday (yes, I said it!~insert Michael Baisden sounding voice here), and there are quite a few reasons why.

The first reason is that my birthday, September 12th, in my birth year just happened to fall on a Monday, at around 8:10 in the morning. 

The second reason is that I see Monday as the true reset for the whole week. 

Although on the calendar, Sunday is the first day and Saturday is the last, for quite a few people Saturday and Sundays are days of rest.  

The last thing they want to think about is their jobs, and they want to focus their energies on spending time with their family, finishing up chores at home they didn't get a chance to complete during the week; heck, even catching up the shows they recorded on DVR.  

Or even better, sleeping.

The third reason is that (unless it’s a holiday), you can go to certain places without having to worry about them being overly crowded. 

For example, how many people do you know check out a movie on a Monday?  Not many.  You don’t have to worry about loud disruptions in the theater because chances are may be the only one in the theater.  

(Unless you run into another person who likes a near empty theater almost as much as you do)

What about the mall?  There aren't too many mall shoppers on a Monday.  The retail stores aren't as crowded, either.  (Of course, I speak from the other side of the coin, too--unless it's a holiday type thing, Mondays are not blowing up with sales, for the most part.)

The fourth reason I am a fan of Mondays is that, from a consumer standpoint, if you want to negotiate a good price on a car, you stand a better chance of getting the price you want than later on in the week.  Especially if sales were sluggish on the weekend. 

I also discovered first hand that electronic gadgets run cheaper on Mondays.  There was a TV featured by Sony that was one price on Monday, yet by the time Thursday rolled around, it was about five percent higher than it was when I saw it on Monday. 

Note:  It’s mainly Computers, TV’s, Cameras, and Video Games. 

The fifth reason I am a fan of Monday is I tend to be more productive on Mondays as far as getting things done, work wise.  Also, Monday is shaping up to be my organization day as far as writing and doing things in the apartment.

Mondays stay winning for me!  

Now, Tuesdays…well, that’s a different story.

Day 19, that’s a wrap!


Lamont C said...

...and gas is supposed to be cheaper on Mondays too. Or so they say..

Thee_Kween said...

LOL ONLY you...ONLY a Virgo! lol

I DID get a good deal on mom's Kindle Fire for "Cyber Monday"...so yea, I can see it.

Reggie said...

Hmmmmm, I'm feeling the Monday movie idea....but the rest of that?!? I don't know.....

ABoyd378 said...

WOW!!! :-D

No Labels said...

Well, Reggie at least you felt the Monday movie idea...lol.