Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 17: Helping Secure a Love Connection (30 Days of Days)

Day 17: A Day Where I Helped Someone in a Big Way (originally: A Day When You Felt the Most Helpless)

This one, I had to think hard on.  Because I know I do help people; I just can never really gauge whether it's really big or small as it pertains to the help.

But the best example I can use actually took place not too long ago at the day job.  I unknowingly made a love connection possible.

At the day job, every once in a while I’m asked to cover the phones over at the other building.  One of the administrative assistants there always leaves at 4:30.  However, when the other person is scheduled until five, and she can’t stay her full shift, there isn't anyone over at that building that can cover, since most everyone over there is scheduled until 4 or 4:30.

Usually I get summoned to come over there, and usually, it has to go through my direct boss and my not so direct boss.  

For the most part, it gets approved, since the seat I’m filling in for is the administrative assistant to the executive director, who is my boss’s boss.

This time around, however, I got summoned to come over there but a notice wasn't sent to the rest.  They were wondering where I was going; I told them over to the other building.  I wasn't told why I was going over there, just to go.  My direct boss was a bit annoyed, but his boss would have been more annoyed if I didn't go over there.

That was on a Wednesday.

On Thursday, I was feeling a bit under the weather so I didn't go in the following day.

On Friday, I saw a nice note in my inbox with a picture.  Apparently the other lady had to rush to the shelter to adopt this dog she really wanted, and if I hadn't covered the phones that day, she would have missed out on the opportunity. Apparently, it is a match made in heaven.

Presenting Coco the Maltese….

Day 17, that’s a wrap!


ABoyd378 said...

Such a Beautiful Story, and Such a Cute couple!! :-D

BE Lauriette said...

Awww...that is so cool. That must of been a good feeling.

Thee_Kween said...

Awww ~hey Coco~

Reggie said...

Just think, you probably saved that dog's life.