Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 15: High School Graduation (30 Days of Days)

Confession:  My grandma loves photographs, so the majority of any pictures I have from my past, she has them.  

Day 15:  The Day I Graduated (Spotlight: High School Graduation)

Well, I already gave a glimpse to what the day of my graduation from Alcorn was like via Day 10  so I won’t go and rehash it.

I’ll take it back a bit farther. 

Back to May 1996. 

My high school graduation.  There was a variety of emotions going through me during the graduation. 

I had to admit that my high school years, particularly my senior year, was full of a lot of activity, which left me a bit spent on energy.  I was tired—from doing all the clubs, the AP classes, and working.

Yet, I was glad that I did have so much to keep me busy.  It kept me out of trouble, for the most part.

The only exception was the rebellion I started to experience my senior year of high school during my involvement with person T (some of the back story here), which Grandma highly disapproved of.  She had good reason, but if she hadn't protested as much, he and I wouldn't have stayed together as long.

Relationship wise, I was in kind of a mess.  Person T wasn't right for me at all, yet there was this banter going back and forth between him and me.  Although I admitted it was a mistake (myinteraction with him during prom), he thought it was proof that he and I needed to get back together. 

I was in and on again, off again relationship with this other guy, which felt more like off again—since I was hoping he would show up during my graduation, yet didn't appear until after all the festivities were over.  At least he didn't pull a no-show like he did with my prom, which led to my unfortunate incident with my ex because the other guy and I had a falling out due to the fact that I had already spent out money , and at the last minute, he couldn't take me.

Despite relationship woes and the rest, I felt proud.  

I was making history in a big way.  I wasn't the first to graduate from high school, but I was one of the first in the immediate family to graduate with such a high GPA—3.91. 

I would be the first to go to college.  I wanted to go to Alcorn State, although Jackson State and Dillard were battling hard to get me.  USM was also in the running, but I wasn't awarded a full scholarship with them like I had the others.  Alcorn State almost missed out because they sent me their awards package at the last minute, but I think they sped up the process once the rumor got out that I was seriously considering Jackson State, who is their biggest rival.

My biggest supporters were there—my grandparents.  I wouldn't have to deal with a lot of drama, since my mom decided not to show up. 

It was just a very peaceful time.  

In that moment, most people probably was glad their high school days were over and done with.  I look back upon it and think, “Man, things were so much simpler then.  When you were a senior, you were the cream of the crop.”

Then, you get thrown in college life, and you’re at the bottom of the barrel.  (shaking my head)

Day 15, that’s a wrap!



Thee_Kween said...

Great accomplishment...something no one can take away from you.

As the Budda Flows said...

i had a boring senor year girl yours sounds fab

ABoyd378 said...

So Very Happy and Proud of You for Your Big Day! YAY!!!

Even if People showed up (too) late, they Still Showed Up at the End of the Day. ;-)

No Labels said...

Kali, thanks for that, even though there are moments when a certain person tries to do just that. (you know who I mean)

Budda, sorry yours was boring ((hugs))

Andrew, thanks for the props and for reading my blogs.

BE Lauriette said...

My last year in high school was the best. Those were the good ole days.

Reggie said...

Ahhh yes memories, where would we be without them.

Next spring I will make my way to Alcorn to watch my first cousin graduate.