Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's my Eyes

(I have definitely been there...)

I am not one who normally celebrates Valentine’s Day.  This is for a number of reasons.  Usually by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, one of the following scenarios happen:

Warning:  It may be slightly embellished for entertainment purposes only.

Scene One—The Sudden Climatic Breakup

Breakup Timeline chart...peak represents around which holidays couples breakup the most.

Guy:  “Hey, you remembered that time in December when I tried to call you and I didn’t get an answer?”
Me: “No.”
Guy: “You said you were working a few minutes late…”
Me: “Well, that’s a normal for me, particularly when it’s on a Saturday.  But what about it?”
Guy: “Well, I called the job.  The guy who picked up said you weren’t there.  So I think you were lying to me….”
Me: “I probably was en route back to the crib…”
Guy: “Nah…so who’s the guy?”
Me: “There is no guy.”
Guy: “Oh, so you’re being creative now!  Who’s the girl?  Why couldn’t I join in?”
Me (rolls eyes): “No girl, and no one!  You are seriously trippin’!”
Guy: “No, you’re trippin’ if you think I am that stupid…”
Me: “Look, man, either you trust me or you don’t.  I’m not going to argue about running a little bit late from leaving work over two months ago.  Where is this coming from?”
Guy: “I just had time to really think about the situation.”
Me: “And all of this coming up two months later?”
Guy: “You know what?  I’m just done.  Play your game with somebody else!”
Me (shrugs shoulders): “Fine.”
Guy: “What?!”
Me: “You hard of hearing? I said, ‘Fine.’ Don’t let the door hit you where the Lord split you…”


I am in a situation where I get invited somewhere only to discover almost all of the people are coupled, and I’m the odd person out.


I’m single and want to go out on Valentine’s Day.  I end up at a restaurant that assumes I want to be hidden from the world so I get seated in the far end, just behind all of the couples. 

Then, at times, I get the waiter or the waitresses who has that “I’m so sorry” look or “don’t you know it’s Valentine’s Day and you should have just stayed at home” look. 

One time, I was asked, “So will your boyfriend or husband be accompanying you this fine evening,” and I let him know I didn't have, either.  The guy looked embarrassed, but I was just being truthful.

For me, Valentine’s Day has gotten too hyped up.  It’s become way too much pressure, mainly for the men. 

Like, if a female hears about one of her girlfriend’s getting engaged around Valentine’s Day, and she’s been with the guy for quite a few years.  And he KNOWS she wants to get married.  The moment she shares that her girlfriend “got the ring”, he already KNOWS what is expected.

I've seen where Valentine’s Day has been a showing off contest between the women.  Who can get the most gifts or the best gifts. 

I have heard of females getting mad at and even dumping their men if they don’t get the gift they wanted or do not get enough gifts! 

If that is considered “WINNING” in the streets, trust me, I’d rather stay “LOSING.”

Then, you have people…and please, I’m not talking about those people who are obviously in Love and their displays just come naturally…

Because I know what I’m about to say may come out wrong…

But there are people who go OVERBOARD with the displays, not really because they are that much in Love, but to prove a point…

Like if there are people who are expressing obnoxious types of hate on the relationship—a couple may overly go out the way to show their “haters”.

I have also seen situations where a couple knows a person is single and can go the extra mile to make that single person feel “uncomfortable”—that is if they are equating “single” with “miserable.”

Yet, that same couple may end up fighting like cats and dogs for the majority of the time…or even before the end of Valentine’s Day is out.

So, a lot of those scenarios just made me (for the most part) not even really make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day.

Until you encounter someone who represents the origins of what Valentine’s Day is all about.

For me, Valentine’s Day isn't just about showing a huge amount of love on that day but about showing and expressing love every day.

For me, Valentine’s Day isn't about getting the most expensive gifts but the thought that one puts into what one gives.

For me, Valentine’s Day isn't about the grand production; it’s about the little surprises and the little things. 

Does this person really know me and get what I’m about?  Or is he doing things based on the stereotypical, based on what he has seen other females like and figured I would like them as well?

I know that my Valentine’s Day may end up being boring to those on the outside, but it doesn't matter what the outside thinks.

I know some may talk trash about the lack of spectacle, but that’s okay, too.  For me, it’s not a “stick out my chest” and “my gift better than your gift” type of thing.

I’m just blessed to be around those who know me and provide the little things which make me glow, not just on this particular day but all year round.

Thanks to all for making the day special.


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