Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Medical Diagnosis: Agitated

"You've gotta be friggin' kiddin' me!"
(serious side eye)

Synopsis: Agitated

There is a fine line between a patient just being stubborn and not wanting to follow doctor’s orders and a patient knowing her body and its’ mannerisms.

I hesitated speaking on this because I wanted to wait until the initial fiery anger about this had subsided, so my writing wouldn't be laced with a lot of “s, d, and f” bombs.  There probably will still be some, just not nearly as many.

Okay, let me get you guys caught up.

Since my last posting on my health in October, I have seen the doctor once before this last visit this past Thursday.  That visit took place towards the end of November. 

I spoke to the doctor concerning an underlying theme which had been occurring, which was that my morning numbers had been consistently higher than my after meal numbers (possible causes of phenomenon) , and it didn't matter whether I was taking my readings during lunch or during dinner—that synopsis didn't change.  

I even mentioned to him, starting in September, whether it was time to adjust one of my medications to a lower dosage.  He told me to trust in what he was saying and that he didn't feel it was time to do any adjustments yet.  

I also spoke to him if I could get off an additional medication I was on to help control issues I’d been having with cholesterol.  He sounded optimistic and said I should be able to get off of that medication provided my next set of lab work turned out well. 

So I had my lab work done in the beginning part of January.  This past Thursday, I went to see the doctor to get my lab results.  

Not saying that the results were bad, but I should have been further along with my overall numbers.  

Then, we started talking about why my numbers weren't lower, and that’s when I reminded him that my morning readings had been consistently higher.  Now he wants to suggest we take a closer look at the numbers and adjusting my medicines.

I’m like, “I suggested that to you almost four months ago and you weren't trying to hear it.”

Then he’s like, “I thought you were trying to resist your treatment.”

So, of course, I’m annoyed because I feel like if he had listened to my suggestion, then we wouldn't be in this situation.  Like we are going backwards instead of forwards.  Especially when I have been exercising and changing the things I eat as well as the way I eat them. 

For if I were to resist my treatment, I wouldn't do it half-assed.  I’d go all the way with the self-sabotage (with my crazy Virgo self...I'm just saying). 

It’s just that I've learned not to take the doctor’s word at face value anymore, especially with the last doctor who was willing to give a recommendation that I have weight loss surgery.  I've been trusting how my body reacts and what it’s telling me.

I’m not saying the doctors are full of crap. 

I just think sometimes, they act too quick to want to medicate rather than actually cure the problem.

Some are even too quick to assume a patient is resisting treatment when they have questions. 

Last time I checked, a patient has a right to ask questions, so I get a bit perturbed when I have encountered doctors who pitch an attitude like I don’t have the right to question whether that path is the right one to be on.

I decided to not stay silent and to start being proactive with asking questions.  Some have been very perceptive, like the nutritionist and the newest ob gyn.  Others, like my old doctor, I have encountered some resistance.

It’s too early to cite the verdict on the current doctor, but if he and I keep bumping heads on the way my treatment is going, I’m not hesitant in getting a second opinion.



Reggie said...

I tell you I'm scared of doctors.

I often wonder just how many of us they've killed over the centuries....and how many more of us will continue to die. Doctors PRACTICE medicine. If that isn't enough to scare you, I don't know what is.

Take care of yourself and if you don't feel comfortable with a doctor....find another one.

As the Budda Flows said...

always a good thing to have a second opinion and when diagnosing you like that they should refer you to a licensed dietician to help in the weight loss i hope all goes well from here on out

No Labels said...

Budda, I do have a nutritionist who helps me with my portioning and what not. She says I've been doing well with my weight loss. I should be seeing her again within the next couple of months.

Thanks for responding.