Thursday, September 22, 2011

Medical Update

I know it's been a moment since I've gone on here...but Life has been taking place. 

A while back, I was going through some additional tests to find out what caused the event that had me going to the ER a little over a month ago.  Apparently, my body is having difficulty shedding the lining that leads me to have my visitor every month.  Instead of shedding, it's developing multiple layers.  So the doctor has put me on medication to facilitate the shedding, but it makes me extremely nauseated and my bladder is significantly more active.  I wanted to get put on something else because I hate all the side effects, but the doctor told me if she put me on something else, the effects would be worse.  She told me I only have to be on the meds for 12 days and it should work...but it feels like the longest 12 days in life

I was so sick the first day on it, I couldn't even come in to my temp assignment Tuesday.

I'm happy to have a temp assignment, but with working this and 2-3 days on the other job, I have to go back to finding time for myself because I don't really have as much as I used to. 

Plus, the other medical results I got back shows that my levels (stress, glucose) are all out of whack.

However, I have to find a new primary because my old primary stopped seeing me after I lost my previous job and was no longer able to afford the insurance.  Even with the COBRA option, it was still too high for me to handle; having to decide between food and shelter and insurance, food and shelter won out.

So I'm researching for sliding scale, most definitely. 

I have some type of insurance under the staffing agency but I have no idea how it works...something that says Limited Benefit seems a bit scary.  Plus it covers some stuff but not others.  I don't get how it won't cover my ER visit (which I'm appealing), but it covers a small portion of my ob-gyn visit. 

I just have to pray and continue to do the best I can.  Some days are better than others; being on this medication, all the days seem the same--nauseating and way too many trips to the ladies room.

That's all I have for now.  I'll peek in again, hopefully sooner rather than later.


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Reggie said...

Our health is so very important. There are times we take it for granted, but none of us should ever really do that.

Take care of yourself.