Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day Twelve, Photo Challenge~Beautiful

Day Twelve:  Beautiful

What can I say...I am a sucker for beautiful jewelry...more importantly, rings.  True, I only have eight fingers and two thumbs total, but I just like having versatility...I like having choices.  All of my rings have some sort of sentimental value to them but there were two rings I no longer have because of the memories associated with them.

I usually rock this one with the marquise cut
or by itself.

Genuine sapphire and diamond--had this ring since
I was 18...I actually worked to buy it for myself.

The black and silver rings I got for my birthday last year;
the diamond and gold heart I received years ago
from my mom

The silver & diamond I got as a present; the other
set belongs to my grandma...I have it to keep her close
to me so she never seems too far

Another shot of the previous two rings

Marquise solitaire...I usually pair it with the
three stone

High school class ring

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Reggie said...

Nice hands.

You've apparently got more jewelry than a Gypsy princess.