Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Six, Photo Challenge~Home

Attic Apt. -Deemed 6th Floor

Day 6: Home


Well, not exactly.

But this is where I reside.  It is the attic of a house that is deemed to be in the historic part of Trenton, NJ.  I also nickname it the Batcave.  

You can tell I reside here because my style of decoration tends to be a bit eclectic.  Depending on which room.  I have a total of three rooms, one bathroom, and a small kitchen area. Where I could not afford lots of lavish paintings, I substituted images of people, things, slogans, concepts that I liked and weaved them together in my own little tapestry.

The year I moved into this apartment was the year of Obama.  It was a month before the November elections and I sensed this would be a historic event.  So, for a while, in one of the rooms, there was a tribute to Obama.  It has sense been taken down, not because of any disappointment I have in his performance ( I knew he couldn't turn around in three and a half years what Bush destroyed in eight) but because it was time for a switch up in design.  I took pictures of it for preservation.

But where I really consider home is the state I was born in (Mississippi) and the town I grew up in Summit.  It's where I got love and care from my grandparents.  Even though I've lived in NJ since 2003, I have never called this place home.  Even when traveling from MS to NJ, I always say, "I'm headed back to Jersey."  When I travel to the apartment, I say, "I'm going back to the apartment."  I never say "Home" unless I am talking about traveling to MS or traveling down South.

back in 2008; in MS
I hope I get back to some semblance of home very soon.

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Reggie said...

I have an uncle that lives in Fayette. He, his wife and his daughter all went to Alcorn State. My father was born in Yazoo City and I have a boatload of family living in Mound Bayou.