Saturday, July 9, 2011

Erotic Truths, Day 9~Inhibition?

9. Does your religion/beliefs hinder your sexual expression?

I was brought up in the Baptist faith. Like hard core Baptist faith.

When I first started having sexual feelings, there was a battle because in my faith, it was taught that to have those types of feelings was wrong. Leviticus got pulled out in an instant, quicker than a flash of lightning.

Once I became an adult, I pulled myself further away from the Baptist faith. I wanted to be the way I was, but I knew I could not do that openly with that particular church.

I do consider myself spiritual but I have yet to find a church home. Many have expressed how important it is to be involved in the church.

While I do not dispute that, I have to be part of a place who is accepting of the way I am, not toss stones at me. Let’s come to the table and talk, agree to disagree.

Who I love behind closed doors doesn’t necessarily determine the type of person I am. If one was to look at me, you probably would never guess I have an affinity for the softer sex. It doesn’t take away from my sense of humor, my friendliness (once you get to know me), my generosity, my writing ability…it doesn’t take away from the essence of me.

The God I know is one of Love, and I’m sure He would rather for me to go around loving someone than murdering someone or promoting messages of hate.

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