Thursday, July 28, 2011

Erotic Truths, Day 28~Wait Till I Get My Hands On You

28. If you could get your hands on some dick/pussy right now, how would you want it? 

Depends on what mood I’m in.  If I’ve been marinating for a bit, letting the anticipation pile up, I may throw the hours and hours our the window for a quickie.  Push him up against the wall, pull down his pants and pleasure his Mandingo Warrior.  Then save him the trouble of duck waddling because I’d push him on the bed and mount him, ride him until he was close to orgasm, then stop and let him have his way with me.

However, if I just want it slow, long, and drawn out.  Candlelight, incense burning, lots of tender kisses, caresses, touches.  His body would be the journey; I’d be the happy explorer.  I would foreplay him so much, his dick would quiver and be coated with precum, begging to enter.  And I still wouldn’t allow it.  I would even rub the hood of my clit against the pulsating vein in his shaft and would resist the tug---the one that insists he must be inside me.  

I’d walk away for a moment, go to take a shower.  Hum to myself, close my eyes.  Then I would feel him behind me, groping my breasts, squeezing the nipples between his thumb and index finger.  Then, he would get down on his knees and lick my crack while one of his hands moved to rub on my pussy.  The other one would still be playing with one of my nipples.  Then I would turn around and he would feast on my pussy.  It would be payback for the way I tortured him.  But unlike me, he would not have me wait, or beg as long…he would pin me against the wall and lift me, grind slower and then pick up the pace while hoisting me higher and higher.  His focus would be on how many times he could take me to the point of explosion, have me beg to stop, only to keep going.


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