Sunday, July 24, 2011

Erotic Truths, Day 24~Freak This

24. What is your definition of freaky?

Freaky moves freely.

Freaky says,  "What are those constraints
Doing on me?
I don’t rock those
Unless I’m asked first!"

Freaky removes the chains,
Yields the whip
Pimp slapping those
Who try to degrade her
Who try to tell her something’s wrong
With her sexual expression.

Freaky can get her pussy ate
In the back of a dark alley
And it be cool.

Freaky can get cum in her face
While riding one guy
And getting tossed by another
With lights, camera, action
And cums from her own satisfaction.

Freaky reads the Kama Sutra,
Incorporates those,
And adds a few modifications
For good measure
Connoisseur of Pleasure
And doesn’t give a fuck
What states outlaw
The art of the suck:
A matter of fact,
Freaky is so bold
That right in front of po-po
She’ll swallow a dick whole.

Freaky is in all shapes and sizes:
Desired, yearned for, craved.
Bold, behind closed doors.
She has no limitation
Based on imagination
Or location.

Freaky in it’s purest form:
Sexual liberation.

~2011     syn d

“Poor is the man who’s pleasure depends on the permission of another.”

Madonna, “Justify My Love”