Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 28~Sex or Love?

28~ If you had a choice between a love relationship and just sex [guaranteed]...which would you choose?

Sex or Love?

Sometimes I wish I was wired different.

Like, I wish there could be that club scene
And I could be that chic on the dance floor
Shaking it like a salt shaker
Dropping it like it’s hot
With some hunk of man watching me
At the bar
His eyes shining like diamonds
His aura dripping sex
And I could look at him
He could look at me
Next thing I know
We’re at another place
Having him take me to
That other place
Without me feeling obligated
To have any sort of
Metaphysical connect
Soulful intertwining

But I did go down this route before

Only when my mind philosophied
Not doing the Love thing anymore
It had gotten too draining
Too tiring
Too painful
And the only pain
At one point
That I wanted to feel
Was the slight stinging
Between my thighs

But good sex was rare for me

Even the great sex
Had me a bit perplexed

And even when I did
This sexing in succession
Guys got more than a bone
Kept catching serious Love Joneses
And I got tired
Of waking up in the morning
Wondering why
Or what the fuck
Wish I would have been
Tore the fuck up

So I had to take a step back
And chill

Cause I know I can please me
And give that special hum
To my own pussy

I’d rather know I get pleased
Than to have to deal
With some person in my bed
I have to quickly kick out
And explain that after his nut
I don’t really want him around,
All up in my space;
All up in my face
The morning after…

July 2011
Queen of Spades

So to answer your question…guaranteed sex or love.

Despite all the hurt, for better or worse, Love, I still choose you first.


Reggie said...

I would say love, but let's be's my duty to please that booty!!!

No Labels said...

Reggie, you are so comical!