Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 4~Favorite Melodies of Love

4~What is your favorite Love Song and why?

This seems like a simple question but one of the tougher ones to answer because I have a lot of Love Songs that I like for different reasons, but the ones I came up with most closely encompass two things...the feelings I tend to go through in the pursuit of Love & the type of feeling I want to have in Love's Longevity.

India Arie is one of those artists who is underrated.  I love her music; what her songs represent.  I got a chance to see her in concert; she's quite a vibrant spirit.  The song of hers that really speaks to me is "Ready For Love" outlines the feelings of being ready, holding steadfast to the guidance, and being appreciative of all Love entails.  This is why it's one of my favorites:

The second song represents once I have found my Love...what I want that person to mean to me.  The person who is to be the One...even if not married on paper, superglued in spirit.  Who knows?  This song and Prince's "Adore" may jock for position as the Wedding Song (if I ever get married).  So I present "Spend My Life with You" by Eric Benet & Tamia.

Enough said (smiles).


ConstantStateOThought said...

Wow. I'd never heard India sing before. She has an awesome voice. I do believe I am now a fan! Eric Benet...what can I say...he's just beautiful in my eyes...the voice..the man. Mmmmm! Love both of these songs!

Thee_Kween said...

I love India's performance of this song. So melancholy but equally smile-inducing...

You KNOW by now Adore is my shit. lol